BirdReel Camera

You asked.. We listened! Introducing the BirdReel bird feeder with camera! After much research we have discovered that this bird feeder camera is the best on the market so we are bringing it to Wild Birds Unlimited Arlington for our wonderful customers. This feeder was created by a birder for birders. Let's talk about why we are SO excited about this feeder.
First, the camera
The camera attached to this feeder is powered by solar panels to charge battery. You also have the option to bring the feeder inside for charging. Did we mention BirdReel also has the largest battery on the market? Watch the best quality video in 1080p HD video recording and streaming with a 130 degree field of view. The camera alerts your app from motion sensor technology to let you know a feathered friend has visited your feeder. Even at NIGHT!
How do you watch the camera you ask? Through the BirdLover App!
The cameras motion detector sends real time notifications to your phone to let you know when you have a visitor. You always have the option to play the notification back if you are unable to view in real time. BirdReel also has siren and microphone functions to help away unwanted squirrel visitors. Curious to know what type of bird you are watching? With BirdLover, the app TELLS YOU what kind of bird is at your feeder in real time with AI Bird Identification! Over 10,000 species of birds are able to be identified when you watch your birds at the feeder through the App.
Next, Let us tell you about the FEEDER
BirdReel is the largest capacity bird feeder on the market, able to hold 2 liters of your favorite Wild Birds Unlimited seed! BirdReel attaches perfectly to the Wild Birds Unlimited Advanced Pole Systems to prevent squirrels from eating quality bird food or damaging the feeder, with the help of the squirrel baffle. The Advanced Pole system also helps with easy customization, you can even add a hummingbird feeder attachment! The feeder is so easy to refill with its durable and weather resistant, "flip top"" lid.
* All coupons will not be valid for this product due to Wild Birds Unlimited Arlington already selling BirdReel at the lowest price possible.*